Everybody appreciates uplifting encouragement with a little creativity thrown in. Thankfully, words of affirmation with art is my love language.

Hello and welcome! I’m Myrachael (pronounced Myra-kell) and I am the creator, graphics, and pattern designer behind Atraer Atelier Design (pronounced Atray-er Ut-tuh-lee-ay). Well isn’t that a tongue twister?

About Me

As a self taught creative letterer, graphics, and surface pattern designer, I specialize in creating art prints and patterns for stationary, home, and lifestyle products. 

I graduated with a degree in Psychology, married into the military and became a stay at home mom to two beautiful kids, which jumpstarted my creative journey documenting and photographing my kids milestones. During this time, I found art, photos, and words as a way to express myself more joyfully. I had always thought myself as a creative person, but struggled with finding what I truly wanted to create that would also inspire others to thrive. Soon after, I learned the power of illustration through Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, and iPad’s Procreate. 

I believe there is power in the thoughts we tell ourselves. With written words for inspiration, my work focuses on creative lettering and patterns to inspire the everyday. Whether it be a gentle reminder of self care, a scene inspired by travel, or a bold statement to move into action, my hope is that the beauty I create inspires you to feel uplifted and inspired.