Art, patterns, and design that captivates, inspires, and elevates your sacred spaces.

Meet The Artist 

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I’m Myrachael (pronounced as myra-kell ) and I’m the creative artist, surface pattern designer and hand letterer here at Atraer Atelier Design. I create surface pattern designs and hand lettering art inspired by nature, creativity and positivity for your sacred spaces.

I create art and patterns to uplift and add beauty to the world.

Hello friends! Welcome to my corner of the internet where you will find art, illustration, and design to uplift, inspire and elevate your favorite spaces. I’m Myrachael (pronounced myra-kell), the artist behind Atraer Atelier Design, and I am so excited to share with you what inspires and uplifts me in my world of creativity. Sign up for my free newsletter below to get to know more about myself and to be part of a creative and sacred community of light workers. Don’t forget to connect with me on Instagram for more behind the scenes and to get notified on upcoming artwork and events.

My shop is coming soon!

Home decor, stationary, wall art, and more will be available in my shop. Click below to sign up for my newsletter to get notified of upcoming launches and free goodies!